• Want the best possible start for your new furry baby?
  • One of your pet-family member has been unwell for a while, not so happy or misbehaving?
  • That makes you worry because you know that quick fixes like a pill or an injection only bring temporary relief... and a non-ending cascade of costly new issues to deal with...
  • But what if perfect health and freedom from suffering was at your fingertips?
  • Would you do it if you knew how to draw from and engage into simple natural care with wisdom (and from the comfort of your own home)?
  • Are you ready to empower the healer in you, build self-confidence and experience peace of mind?
  • Take action to enjoy every possible day with your healthy pet's unconditional love: Book a session today!

Your coach Ev holds a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (France). She understands the beauty and strength of the emotional connection between pets and their dedicated humans and is committed to support your game changing experience.

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A session may address general wellness, specific health concerns, new animals arrival, missing animals, rescues and adoptions, behavioral difficulties, past traumas and abuse recovery, terminal stage, animals in spirit, as well as ethical questions.

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Our Soulful Portrait Photography session is a calm and joyous celebration of the relationship between you and your special animal friend. We include individual shots of each participants, human and non-human.

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Community Involvement

Stay posted: We are planning to distribute outstanding animal, nature, art and health related products to support non-profit projects that reflects Anima Care values. Visit our Store!

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