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Our Vision

We dream of a world where... "We have woven links of appreciation and respect with Earth, our collective nest. Love, loyalty and friendship are manifested beyond politics, cultures and species. Connection between people, animals and nature inspires peaceful creativity. Education is based on nurturing and allows the expression of our inner gifts. We value and practice self-care and we remember to create space for beauty, bringing harmony, joy and happiness to life."

Ev Lynou, DVM (France), holistic coach


Community Involvement: New Project and Boutique Launch

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Want the best possible start for your new friend? One of your pets has been unwell for a while, not so happy or misbehaving? You worry because quick fixes like a pill or an injection only bring temporary relief... and a non-ending cascade of costly new issues to deal with... Perfect health and freedom from suffering might be at your fingertips. Keep reading...

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Our Soulful Portrait Photography session is a calm and joyous celebration of the relationship between you and your special animal friend. Click for more details and contact us for availability.

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Community Involvement

A Community Cultural Exchange Project in Taghia, High-Atlas Morocco has been launched. Ev will be working with the locals from May 2018 to May 2019. Read about the project and see how you could get involved!

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