Anima Care

Anima is about life force and movement, soul in the Latin language, it refers to the collective feminine unconscious, a source of creative ability. Chosen to embody our souls, animals are often considered as guides, yet suffer unbelievable abuse. How we relate with animals reveals how we treat each other, oneself and the planet, affecting our well-being and our future.

Anima Care focuses on the complex beauty and depth of our connection with animals, always embracing the core value of inter-species friendship. Caring for animals is taking care of our soul, empowering us to have a positive impact upon our own health and within our communities.

Ev Lynou, DVM (France), holistic coach

Alumni of the National Vet School of Toulouse, France, resident of Nelson, BC, Canada, Ev offers an original approach to natural health for company animals. Mother for over 25 years, she has been questioning the links between health, the expression of inner gifts, community life and connection with nature.