It takes willingness to heal. Just as we can create disease, we can create health. For animals it is the same. In the wild, they tend to be good self-healers. When dependent on humans, animals develop more problems. Pets are often mirroring us, taking on our stress, expressing our issues and difficulties. Their fate becomes our responsibility.

A seemingly blocking injury or illness, whether it is in us or in an animal friend, may help us reveal a unique gift, discover a new path, and grow in acceptance and compassion. Caring opens the heart. Accepting the situation, as hard as it may be, “loving what is” and loving oneself through it, truly, deep inside, is the key factor to a successful healing journey.

An important element helping to develop a motivation for healing is inspiration. Nature, potentially accessible to anyone, is the greatest and most inspiring healer. A leaf uncurling, a ray of light in a gray sky, the beauty of a sunset, a waterfall, a majestic forest, mountains and oceans, fire, the unbounded energy of a powerful horse in motion can generate a feeling of awe. This admiration and pure appreciation of the moment, of the movement, of the integrity and wholesomeness, of the energy flow and intrinsic beauty of life, this pure joy has the potential to influence our health. Deep within, the sensation of oneness has sparkled: this beauty, this life, it’s us, who we are as a vibrant living being in our true undomesticated nature. Once our desire for health has been rekindled in our spirit, our body can heal.