Caroline, Translator, Nelson, BC

"Ev is the very first person I consistently turn to whenever I have an issue with one of our pets. Throughout the many years I've known her she's coached me through taking care of wounds, looking after sick animals, and resolving undesirable behaviours caused by underlying emotional issues. Her approach is definitely not to come and treat and make it all better for your animal. She will instead educate you, empower you, and coach you, with the inevitable result that your bond with your animal is strengthened. She has lots of resources to offer, all in alignment with natural healing and trust in the body's power to heal through establishing a balanced, loving and safe environment for your pets. She is truly gifted with a rare sensitivity towards the animal kind. Here's a quote by Mahatma Gandhi: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated". Let me just say that our nation, and world, would be an incredible place if more people cared for and respected animals the way Ev does."

Glen, Ph.D. Registered Clinical Counsellor

"It was great to meet you, and I am so pleased to tell you directly how much I appreciate your ideas about my cat, Pumpkin. When we talked about her you were concerned with the whole of her functioning, not just a number on a blood panel. I was very impressed with your holistic approach with the well-being and quality of life for my animal friend at the centre of your concern and thoughtful analysis. I hope these comments express some of my gratitude."

Hélène, Science Teacher, North Vancouver

"It has been wonderful to have Ev around during the entire life of our little cat. Her great experience and expertise with animals helped us deal successfully and harmoniously with various issues over the years, and also recently when it was time to help him go to heaven.

Ev was always available, generous with her time and expertise, and respectful of our preferences and choices. Ev has a wonderful way of getting personally attuned to the animal: holistically and with great care. When our cat was faced with an issue, she was excellent at presenting clearly and rationally the different available options, generally opting for natural ways. The well-being of the animal is her priority, and her thoughtful suggestions were effective and always simple. Thanks to you Ev! Thanks to you, our cat enjoyed a longer and better life!"