• Initiate a collective reflection about the needs of the community

  • Identify local and renewable resources and see how to use them while protecting the environment and the culture

  • Encourage and participate in youth education

  • Determine the terms of an exchange project with Nelson, BC, Canada

  • Bring in donations (warm clothing, emergency care kits, safety equipment for climbing)

  • Establish a community center that includes a natural pharmacy

  • Photograph and document the adventure




Nested at the foot of high limestone cliffs and almost at 2000 meters of altitude, Taghia is a very small Berber village of the Moroccan High-Atlas. A two hours hike is necessary to get there and only a few hundred visitors, mostly advanced climbers dare adventuring to this magnificent site every year. The access road under construction will take several years to be completed. Isolation and poverty cause a lot of issues for the villagers. However, their life close to nature, their friendliness and generosity are very inspiring. The nomadic shepherds take goats to graze in altitude. At the valley bottom, the fertile land reserved for crops is irrigated thanks to a cleverly designed irrigation channels system. Built with local stone, the small houses of the village match the colorful slopes of the arid mountain. Almost completely self-sufficient Taghia is an authentic eco-village!


Since Internet is available, Taghia's young people are more broadly exposed to the rest of the world. When one of them, Said, asked for ideas and help to create an association supporting Taghia's development, Ev felt a deep heart call. How can Taghia develop in harmony with the ecosystem? How can the soul of this village be kept alive while opening this welcoming place to a wider circle of nature and mountain enthusiasts and to those who want to rejuvenate and find inspiration? A community cultural exchange could address these challenges while protecting and making this unique environment and lifestyle more accessible.

The young people of the village are eager to develop a tourism focused on hiking and climbing. They wish to encourage youth participation in climbing competitions at the national level, develop an emergency pharmacy, as well as motivate parents about education and support the schooling of children. Exchange trips for the young people of both Taghia and Nelson would allow them to engage in varied learning, valuable for their personal development and benefiting the host community. Rich from these experiences, they would be better equipped to meet the needs of their home community as well as their own needs, wherever they chose to live. We believe that an exchange between these two communities from two very different countries is taking steps in the direction of well-being and overall health. Our goal is to open a door and develop fruitful connections and sharing between the people of Taghia and Nelson. Ev will work with the locals of Taghia from May 2018 to May 2019.


  • With a goal to reach auto-sufficiency as soon as possible
  • We are kick-starting the project with a fundraiser:
  • Our online store already offers wildlife and nature photography canvas by renown artist
  • ¬†Starting in April/May 2018 we will offer amazing organic natural foods and super-foods products
  • All profits are supporting the project
  • Every purchase is a step in the direction of well-being and overall health!


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